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Asking Bookstagram: Listening to Audio Books

Hello everyone 😊

For this month’s ‘asking bookstagram’ post I had SO MANY responses from all of my fabulous IG followers! I am just loving this monthly feature on my blog. It is such a fun time learning what people think about different topics!

This month the bookish question I asked everyone was……

Do you count listening to audio books as reading?

So I have never listened to an audio book before so I don’t really have much of an opinion on this. A part of me wants to say no, its not reading because you are not physically reading it with you eyes… BUT audio books are still books technically so really I suppose it can count as reading.

I know this is a controversial topic and I feel like people are either a hard yes or a hard no and not really in between πŸ˜‚ I am on the fence only because I’ve never listened to one before.. but perhaps I need to give it a go!

Responses from my wonderful friends:


I think audiobooks should definitely count as reading, you’re getting through a book and your spending the time to listen to it.


I count them! Books are books, you’re still putting all this time in listening to the book 😊


Yessss!!! I never used to think so and then I realized some people can only do audio so definitely counts πŸ™ŒπŸ»


I don’t always listen to them but if I’m going on a long drive I will find one I like! I would absolutely count them, you are still taking the time to listen and absorb it. In my opinion they are still books 😊


I count them but not towards my reading goal. They are surplus books that I review but wouldn’t add to my goodreads (at least not with a date).


I haven’t gone the audio route yet either… but interested as its a great way to pass time while driving. I don’t consider it reading though. Its listening. If you watch a movie adaption of a book would you say: oh I read that book on film? Doubt it 😏 Either way, great entertainment and escape!


I used to not count audiobooks but for a lot of people (visual impairments or learning/reading disabilities for example) audiobooks are the way they usually read books! This changed my perspective and now I count audiobooks the same way 😊


Absorbing words-however you may do that- is reading!!


I count them… but I only listen to non-fiction. Things that are more factual ad boring to read but interesting to listen to


I don’t listen to audiobooks either. I lean more towards the side of it not counting but I cant really judge since I don’t do it myself.

What do you think about audiobooks? Do they count as reading? Chat with me in the comments!

Asking Bookstagram: Favourite Romances

Hi there bookish friends!

I am back with another “asking bookstagram” post! Last month I did one and it was actually quite successful and people loved the idea so I want to keep this going as a monthly thing!

I just love to be able to mix the platforms. I love bookstagram so much and I also love writing this blog so this is the perfect way to mix the things I like! Also, I love to hear everyone’s thoughts on things!

This time I asked all my followers on Instagram……..

What is your favourite romance/ contemporary romance and why?

I figured I would start off by naming my top 3 fav books in these categories!

  • Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane
  • Josh and Hazels Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren
  • The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

Responses from my lovely bookstagram peeps:


“The Simple Wild and The Hating Game. I love a good enemies to lovers romance 😁”


“The Friend Zone. Funny, sexy, deep!”


“The Hating Game by Sally Thorne! It’s one of the best enemies to lovers romance books with amazing writing!”


“At the moment I just finished 100 Days of Sunlight and I AM OBSESSED.”


“I’m going to say London Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton, as I could relate to the MC so much it was a bit deja vu”


“The Unhoneymooners because it’s super entertaining and I love the main characters. I also really loved The Bromance Book Club! Super original and hilarious!”


“My recent favorite us lie to me by Natasha Preston because it’s so genuine. It’s funny. It’s clever. And witty. But it’s also deep, sincere, and rational. It’s mysterious and suspenseful. It’s sexy and steamy. It has everything I could ever want in a romance and it was so hard to keep away from. I was buddy reading it. Couple chapters a week and I read ahead twice because I couldn’t stop. I finished it in tears. I’ve read many good and even great romances, but I feel like even though I just finished it, its definitely one ill recommend and remember for a long time! The writing is amazing and the characters were so likable.”


“The Friend Zone, The Light We Lost, All We Ever Wanted. All very different. The first one because it had tons of laugh out loud moments to break up the achy heart parts”

What do you all think? Do you agree with some of these answers?

What is your fav romance??

Blogging, Bookstagram, and Self-Esteem

Hey there friends! I am here today to talk about a slightly different topic than usual. I have had this on my mind for a while and feel like it is time to share my thoughts! So, come with me on an adventure into my mind!!

Has anyone ever felt personally attacked by someone’s really attractive Instagram picture? I sure have. Welcome to my Ted Talk πŸ˜‚

I have really noticed a difference in myself ever since I stopped looking at my personal Instagram all the time and spend most my time on my bookstagram. It just hit me all at once when I opened it up to look at a message and began scrolling through the feed. First picture I see is a gorgeous woman with the flattest stomach, perfect tan, cute clothing, lounging so effortlessly on a scenic beach. Now I’m sure you have all seen a picture like this before. Maybe even post them! I have to say – I know this girl from high school and very much like her. She is a great person who has worked very hard to look the way she does and all the power to her!! BUT I have noticed it does affect my self esteem in one way or another and to be honest I used to spend way too much time looking at other people and wishing I looked like them or was as cool as them, whatever it may have been. This is totally normal with today’s social media but obviously not healthy!!

Which leads me to bookstagram. When I started my bookstagram I basically stopped looking at my personal Instagram because I was so focused on making a good profile and starting something totally new. It made me feel so good to have something to work on and to focus my time on! I didn’t really notice at first the difference it was making. Over the last couple months I’ve been trying to get back to the gym and improve my fitness as I have really been slacking for the last like 6 months. I found that I had little to no pressure on myself. Getting back to the gym was easier than ever before because I was just focusing on my progress and how easy it was feeling/how quickly I was able to get back in it. Before I would have been disappointed if I didn’t see results in a short time because well some girl on Instagram said she did it, or I would feel bad about what I was eating or doing because some girl was posting her fancy salads and work outs she does. Without all of that in my life I unknowingly was feeling better about myself and putting less pressure on myself to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I feel bad about myself or like I don’t look good in anything but those days are much less than before!

I think that finding this community of fellow book people has really changed my life for the better. I find myself actually connecting with people instead of just quietly watching other peoples lives. I focus more of my free time on a healthy hobby instead of online shopping my next outfit and trying to be like someone else. It is actually shocking how much I DON’T miss my personal Instagram. I have really bonded with some cool people now that I otherwise never would have known about.

Its save to say that bookstagram has increased my self esteem. I feel like that is a big statement to make but I think its true! Blogging has given me an outlet to which I can share my thoughts and feel somewhat important and bookstagram has taken me away from some really unhealthy habits and pushed me towards a really great community and finding so much joy in something I love; reading and telling people about it!! πŸ˜‚

What are your thoughts about social media and self esteem? Do you find the book community boosts your self esteem or helps in any way? I’d love to hear your opinions!!

Asking Bookstagram: Plot or Characters?

Hey there everyone!

Welcome to my first “Asking Bookstagram” post πŸ™‚ I came up with a super fun idea based on two things. First, so many people (including myself) do QOTD on bookstagram which is a great way to connect with your followers. I also enjoy doing “Follow Friday” and “Shoutout Sunday” which others seem to enjoy as well! I have noticed how much EASIER it is to connect with people on bookstagram compared to blogging. I wanted a way to connect with people better on my blog while using the fun QOTD content in a different way!

This will be a monthly series for now! Once a month I will ask my bookstagram followers a bookish question and I will post 10 responses on my blog! I will also give them a shoutout for their bookstagram πŸ™‚ I hope you all enjoy this as I am super excited to connect with more people and integrate my two platforms!!

Asking Bookstagram – What is more important to you in a book – Plot or Characters?

To me – I say characters are more important. I find if I do not connect with the characters in some way I am not that into the book. While the plot is important and must be entertaining in some way, I still find a good character can totally make the book!

Responses from my lovely bookstagram peeps:


Plot. Because without a well developed plot who cares about the characters background? But both are equally important I think. ❀️


Plot. I can look past shallow characters if a story line keeps me engaged


Love this idea. I think I would have always said plot before, my instinct is still plot, but I find more and more that a well developed character is appealing to me and I’m put off by hollow empty characters… so, um, both? πŸ˜‚


I think I prefer a good plot over a good character, but I also think a character should be good? So I guess both? πŸ˜„


Both, if the plot is good but the characters are not, the story loses interest. For me at least πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 😊


Character. I really need strong characters that are memorable or the book is just meh to me.


That’s a tough question! But I think I’ll go with character. An annoying or undeveloped character tends to ruin the book for me


I say plot! I don’t always like characters but can love the plot.


It’s hard to choose between the both because they’re equally important, but I think the development of the characters is more important to me!


I think characters are most important to me. If I can’t connect with them it doesn’t matter to me what they are doing.

I love that so many people responded and discussed this question! It is so awesome to see everyone’s thoughts and its such a fun way to learn what type of readers everyone is πŸ™‚

What do you think?? What one is more important to you? Do you agree or disagree with my own response? I’d love to chat with you all πŸ™‚ Leave a comment!!

Comfy Corner: What’s the deal with giveaways + follow count

Hi there everyone! Welcome to my comfy corner of the internet where I can share my deepest darkest secrets (just kidding)! But really, this is the place where I can share my thoughts with people who might actually care which is PRETTY COOL!

So, as many of you know, I am also on IG (check me out I am fun and love to chat with people)!!

On IG I see people hosting giveaways all the time!! For a while I was like “what is this” and “why are people spending their own money to give things away.” Like most of you, I love to enter in the giveaways and obviously hope I win!! When I first started my IG I entered any one I could and ended up following a ton of people who never followed me back or interacted with my posts. So, slowly but surely I started to unfollow these accounts and stopped entering in so many giveaways – I will get more into this after.

There are like probably a million blog posts about how to do giveaways and why they are soooo amazing. I have read many of these posts in order to do my own giveaway and learned that people do these giveaways mainly for more followers and really no other reason. I wondered does this really work and if so, how well?

Something I learned: I did not realize that some of the accounts on IG “partnered” with other accounts and publishers in order to do the giveaways. This did not even cross my mind when I started!! Silly me!

I found I was looking into how these accounts were partnering with publishers and trying to figure out how they were hosting so many giveaways. To be honest, I never really found the answer I was looking for other than they have a lot of followers and publishers may contact them to feature the books/ other accounts contact them to partner on the giveaway to boost their followers. (This seems so obvious but little new bookstagram me had no idea).

Image result for who knew memes

My own giveaway: So then when I reached around 1500 followers I decided I would join in and try this giveaway idea. I wanted to see if you gain a lot of followers and honestly I started to connect with a lot of cool people and it felt nice to give back to them especially since I won a few giveaways from them!

So, I searched high and low for the best way to host a giveaway. Do I pick a specific book, do I let the winner choose, do I go with a gift card or care package, do I surprise them with a book…… The options are endless. I decided to go with good old Book Depository and let the winner choose the book they wanted! This ended up being the best option in my opinion because that seems to get people more excited!

Did I get more followers? So, this question is difficult. Yes, I temporarily got more followers. NOT A LOT, but some. I’d say about half of those new followers were gone once the giveaway winner was picked. So, I don’t think it is really any better of option than simply following people and interacting with them on their pages. Maybe I simply don’t have enough followers for a giveaway to be super successful. I wouldn’t say it was a flop though. I would do one again but it wouldn’t be for the purpose of gaining followers πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

What I like about giveaways: I think if done correctly, the giveaways are such a fun way to further connect with your followers and to give back to your friends. They can be relatively inexpensive or even free if you giveaway a copy of a book you already have. I enjoy when publishers do giveaways for ARC’s and newer books. I like to follow publishers anyways because of their announcements and different things they post!! So it works out!

What I don’t like about giveaways: I don’t like when a giveaway is hosted by several accounts and then I have to follow like 5 different accounts to enter for 1 book. 99% of the time those 5 accounts won’follow you back so now you end up just following a bunch of people for no real reason. The same goes for the accounts with 20k followers hosting giveaways. I follow a few big accounts because I truly enjoy what they post and enjoy their updates. However, I don’t want to follow someone who will have no interest in following me back just to enter a giveaway (like those 20k accounts who actually only follow 100 people…. no thanks).

Or, some giveaways require you to “repost” their post which I just simply won’t do because I like to keep my feed somewhat uniform with my own unique stuff! I don’t want to repost a giveaway post πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Image result for no thanks meme

Overall – my thoughts on giveaways are somewhat positive. I like the idea of them because who doesn’t like to win things?? Especially if it is something you want or enjoy. But, all the following and unfollowing that comes with it doesn’t seem totally worth it to me.. maybe if you are able to partner with a publisher and get the book for free then why not, but spending your own money for a few extra followers just isn’t my cup of tea!

I will continue to interact with my people and gain followers the old fashion way – by being consistent and working hard! May take longer but that’s okay, I’m not here for the followers, I’m here for the community (but followers are nice too haha).

What do you think about giveaways? Have you hosted them? Do you think they helped your follower count? Chat with me in the comments πŸ™‚