About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Deanna. I have been a book lover for my whole life. I decided I would like to start a blog because I have always been able to talk endlessly about the books I love but have lacked an appropriate audience who shares my interests! My boyfriend says he likes to listen to me talk about my books…. But I think he’s lying!

More about me – I went to college for 5 years and obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology. I now work full time in social services and mainly help people who are in crisis. Sometimes the days can feel kind of heavy which really has motivated me to do something creative for myself (this blog).

I enjoy an array of book genres – I really don’t limit myself and I am always interested in reading something different. I also have an obsession with everything that goes with reading and books – comfy clothing, blankets, and cute decorations for the perfect reading nook or office. I hope everyone will share my love for everything cute and comfy!

I hope that I can share some wonderful books and other things I love with you all. I always like to learn about new authors and books, and I would love to learn from all of you! I look forward to growing as a book lover and just continuing my passion for reading through my blog!