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REVIEW: Anna and the Apocalypse

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I have recently purchased so many books guys…. I have no control omg. I literally have so many books on my shelf I haven’t read and yet I seem to think its a good idea to just keep buying more books?

I have been seeing everywhere people saying 2020 will be the year they read the books on their shelves. I LOVE THAT IDEA. I wish my brain and my heart could get on the same page….. its a struggle. Also doesn’t totally help that my family gives me Indigo gift cards and just adds fuel to the fire 😂 but – I do love a good gift card so no complaints here!


Anna and the Apocalypse was part of a book haul I did back in the summer… I was holding on to read it till December because it is a Christmas themed book. I loved that I waited because it was honestly the perfect light holiday time read. It took me a whole 2 days to read and I could have done it faster if time allowed.

Anna Shepherd is a straight-A student with a lot going on under the surface: she’s struggling with her mom’s death, total friend drama, and the fallout from wasting her time on a very attractive boy. She’s looking forward to skipping town after graduation–but then a zombie apocalypse majorly disrupts the holidays season. It’s going to be very hard to graduate high school without a brain.

To save the day, Anna, her friends, and her frenemies will have to journey straight to the heart of one of the most dangerous places ever known, a place famous for its horror, terror, and pain…high school.

I had mixed feelings on this one. On one hand – I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fast paced, action packed, had death and gore. However, I felt that the book was actually so fast paced in some parts that I felt I missed a bunch of stuff. I actually reread a few times to find out that I didn’t miss anything… the story just really jumps ahead with no information at times.

I liked the characters! Anna was witty which I liked. Her best friend John was so sweet so I really had a soft spot for him throughout the story! The other characters I felt were good enough? They weren’t amazing, they were just there. Although, one character, Nick, grows a fair bit towards the end of the book so I liked that!

I will say I was pretty upset by the end of the book. Once the action starts it DOES NOT STOP. Okay – my heart could not heal from a few deaths and then when you thought the worst of it was over…. no, more death! (I mean I know it’s a book about a zombie apocalypse but still).

I read it quickly, it was simple and light, the action was exciting and honestly it took little to no brain power to read which I needed!! So if you enjoy a light hearted read about a group of friends taking on a zombie apocalypse, this one may be for you!

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

How do you feel about zombie books/movies? I do not usually enjoy gore or anything like that… especially in movies! Let me know how you feel about it in the comments 🙂