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Book Review: Boy Robot – Simon Curtis

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Today I am going to share with you my review on Boy Robot by Simon Curtis. I have to say this was an impulse buy/read. I saw the cover of the book and just read the back of it while at the store and felt it would be interesting enough! I was happy with my pick, however, it also wasn’t my all time favourite book either. Read my review below.


Seventeen-year-old Isaak discovers the truth about his origin and the underground forces that must come together to fight against a secret government organization formed to eradicate those like him in this high-octane science fiction debut.

There once was a boy who was made, not created.

In a single night, Isaak’s life changed forever.

His adoptive parents were killed, a mysterious girl saved him from a team of soldiers, and he learned of his own dark and destructive origin.

An origin he doesn’t want to believe, but one he cannot deny.

Isaak is a Robot: a government-made synthetic human, produced as a weapon and now hunted, marked for termination.

He and the Robots can only find asylum with the Underground—a secret network of Robots and humans working together to ensure a coexistent future.

To be protected by the Underground, Isaak will have to make it there first. But with a deadly military force tasked to find him at any cost, his odds are less than favorable.

Now Isaak must decide whether to hold on to his humanity and face possible death…or to embrace his true nature in order to survive, at the risk of becoming the weapon he was made to be.

In his debut, recording artist Simon Curtis has written a fast-paced, high-stakes novel that explores humanity, the ultimate power of empathy, and the greatest battle of all: love vs. fear.

My Thoughts

Overall, I found the book to be a fun and interesting read. I did find some times the story dragged on and was definitely too long at times. However, the action was good and it kept me on my toes. The action parts were well done in my opinion. There was some hint of almost X-men like stuff going on with the robots. I’ve seen other reviews that have said that as well.

There were some DARK things that happen in the story and dark themes are mentioned in this book. At times it was quite upsetting. But it painted a really good picture of characters and their lives. I feel although the dark moments were “wow”ing, it was also very fitting and necessary!

** That being said, some people may struggle with some of the things that happen in the book, so be cautious and maybe read some more reviews that talk about exact things mentioned!

Issak, the main character, has a rough go right at the beginning of the book. His whole world is just flipped upside down when he finds out that he is not human…. Could you imagine? He finds out he is a ROBOT. I could not even imagine the feeling of finding out your whole life was just a lie.

But, not only did he find out he was a robot… his parents were killed and he was being HUNTED by some type of military task force sent out to find these robots. So, now his life is just totally changed and he has to cope with it all, but then he has to run for his life across the country to find some safe place where other robots are living called the “Underground.” Rough.

Issak is running for his life with another robot. She saved his life right from the start and was leading him and other robots to the Underground. Obviously there are some roadblocks along the way and Issak is really pushed to the edge to survive.

Overall the characters really grow throughout the book. It is interesting to follow them through and almost feel you are growing with them!

I liked that there were different perspectives throughout. There were like small chapters of other characters perspectives about finding out they were a robot. This was nice as it broke up the story but also gave the reader a better idea about certain characters.

Again, this book was interesting and for the most part it was captivating. However, some times it dragged on. I didn’t personally have any issues with the darkness and difficult themes, but that could be a downfall for some!!

My rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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