REVIEW: The Grave Keepers

Hey bookish peeps 🙂


I recently finished The Grave Keepers by Elizabeth Bryne. It was on the top of my TBR for a while when I got it from BookOulet (which is also the best thing I’ve ever discovered). Like how did I go so long without knowing about BookOutlet?!?!?! If you haven’t tried it, do it! You will not regret it.

I am finding that January is a really good reading month for me! I have recently started reading 2 books at once (1 physical book & 1 ebook) and it is going well. I am loving my ereader (I got a kobo)! It is so convenient and easy to read, its amazing!! Anyways – onto the review 🙂

Lately, Athena Windham has been spending all her spare time in her grave.

Her parents—owners of a cemetery in Upstate New York—are proud of her devoutness, but her younger sister, Laurel, would rather spend her time exploring the forest that surrounds the Windham’s’ property than in her own grave.

The Windham girls lead secluded lives—their older sister died in a tragic accident and their parents’ protectiveness has made the family semi-infamous.

As the new school year begins, the outside world comes creeping in through encounters with mean girls, a new friend, and a runaway boy hiding out in the cemetery. Meanwhile, a ghost hangs around the Windham property—the only grave keeper never to cross over—plotting how to keep the sisters close to home and close to her . . . forever.

I wasn’t overly impressed by this book. It was kinda cute and the characters were enjoyable but the overall story was kind of ‘blah’.

Laurel and Athena are the daughters of a family who owns a cemetery and are grave keepers. They essentially tend to the grounds of the cemetery they live on and also take care of their own graves. In this story, people spend a lot of time in their graves during their living days because it is going to be their place of eternal rest when they die. Because of an accident that caused the death of one of the families children – Athena and Laurel are very sheltered. The story follows both the girls through their day to day lives and mostly focuses on normal girl drama with a twist of some paranormal stuff.

The idea of the book really intrigued me. I love paranormal and spooky things. I thought there would be more of that. However, it was very tame!

I really enjoyed the characters though which is the only reason I actually was able to enjoy the book.

My Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Do you have to finish a book even if you don’t like it? Or are you able to just not finish it? Let me know in the comments 👇🏻

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