Review: The Witch Of Little Italy – Suzanne Palmieri

Hey there!! It’s me, Deanna, again 🙂

Back again to share a book review for my most recent read. I picked up this particular book from the thrift store (Value Village to be exact). I LOVE thrifting for books. Its such a fun time. You honestly never know what you will find. Unfortunately, lately I haven’t been able to find anything super interesting.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of you American peeps seem to find the BEST deals at Goodwill? We don’t have any of those here which sucks, but I really want to check one out! Is it really as good as it seems? Someone let me know haha.

Now, on to my review 🙂


When young Eleanor Amore finds herself pregnant, she returns home to her estranged family in the Bronx, called by “The Sight” they share now growing strong within her. She has only been back once before when she was ten years old during a wonder-filled summer of sun-drenched beaches, laughter and cartwheels. But everyone remembers that summer except her. Eleanor can’t remember anything from before she left the house on her last day there. With her past now coming back to her in flashes, she becomes obsessed with recapturing those memories. Aided by her childhood sweetheart, she learns the secrets still haunting her magical family, secrets buried so deep they no longer know how they began. And, in the process, unlocks a mystery over fifty years old—The Day the Amores Died—and reveals, once and for all, a truth that will either heal or shatter the Amore clan.

My Thoughts

Well first off, the title of the book pulled me in. I thought it sounded very interesting! I like pretty much anything witchy so I figured how could I go wrong?? Well, I was kind of let down by this book. I want to start off by saying that the writing was amazing, beautiful, and musical in a way. The author put together words so smoothly and the descriptions were nothing less than stunning. The story – kind of slow and honestly lacking plot.

Elly, the main character, I liked. She felt “real” to me. She struggled and I could feel her emotions and her despair. Her family members (The Amores) just really bothered me throughout the book. I felt confused and betrayed by them from the start. Anthony (Ellys love interest) felt flat. He was there ONLY for Elly. He had no real background or reason why he was there. I didn’t like that.

The ultimate mystery throughout the story is why Elly lost her memory. The author plays with this throughout but I didn’t find it interesting really. The book jumped from the present to the past so often that I forgot what was even happening with Elly. The Amores spend most the time talking about their mother, “mama” that it felt like the books should have been about her.

The ending felt sort of wrapped up. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect to the ending, it kind of made some things make sense, especially Itsy’s character! However, the ending didn’t feel totally complete to me, I was left with kind of a empty feeling.

I enjoyed the idea of this story. I liked the magical aspects of the witches and I enjoyed Ellys character a lot. The rest of the book fell short for me 🤷🏼‍♀️

My Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Anyone else read something they thought they would love and felt let down? What book has done that to you? Let me know in the comments!!

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