Review: The House Without A Key – Marin Montgomery

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I am SO excited to share my review of this book with you all. A few reasons why! First off, this is my first ever ARC that I received from an author!!! I feel like I just made a large step in my bookish blogging life. I am hoping to get more and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Second, this book was awesome and I loved it. I feel like I could write so passionately about this one. It made me feel a lot of feels haha. So here we go……


When 17-year-old Maddy Pruitt vanishes from her sleepy town, word on the street is that she ran away. The daughter of an abusive alcoholic with a quick temper, she had every reason to leave in search of something better, and everyone who knew Maddy knew the type of company she kept wasn’t always ideal.

But when a second 17-year-old girl from a local, affluent family turns up missing shortly after Maddy’s disappearance, the circumstances become suspicious. Even though the girls are perfect strangers from opposite sides of town, attended separate schools, and traveled in different social circles, it turns out they have more in common than anyone could have imagined.
With the clock ticking, those closest to the girls lead a frantic search, uncovering secrets, lies, and a web of deceit that might have the girls paying an ultimate price…if they don’t find them in time.

My Thoughts

Wow this story took me on such a crazy wild ride! I was overall very impressed!

This story is about two girls (Madeline & Allegra) who seemingly have nothing in common and zero ties to each other. They get kidnapped and taken to a house where they live with other girls who are apart of a sex trafficking ring. This is obviously horrible and made my stomach turn at times just thinking about these poor young ladies (and also the girls it really happens to everyday).

It bothered me how long it took the parents to do something about their missing kids!!! Brian, Madeline’s father, didn’t care about her on a good day… after she goes missing he is a mix of annoyed that the police are bugging him and maybe worried? I couldn’t tell at first. Allegra’s mother is worried sick when she doesn’t come home which is good, seems like a normal mom (however she takes awhile to contact anyone about it). Meanwhile, her rich daddy just doesn’t care or show any interest in helping find her.

Aside from the parents annoying me throughout the story (Allegra’s parents seemed more worried about what the press would say about their family than their daughter being missing…..) – I was taken on this rollercoaster of twists and turns. I was trying to come up with my own theories about who was the bad guy and who was involved and then each time my theory was wrong! Towards the end everything unravels and WOW I loved it!!!

My favourite character in the whole book was Detective Devon Delaney! He was just the perfect character for me. He was smart, witty, caring. He was also like the only rational adult in the book and seemed to be the only one who really cared that the girls were missing! He was rough around the edges at times and appeared to be a good cop. I also liked that he wasn’t perfect. His emotions got the best of him, his past was messy and came back to get him but he was able to get through it!

I have to admit – I was a little nervous about this book at first. I tend to stay away from books about ‘real life’ things. One of my fears in life is being abducted or tortured or any of the horrible things that happen to kidnapped girls and women! The author did a good job of detailing what was happening to the girls but also was not SO detailed that it made me uncomfortable. I felt a sadness for them and at points I was like “shit, this happens to people” but at no point did I need to stop reading!

This was so well written! I loved that each chapter just pulled me in even more. I could not stop reading! The character changes throughout kept the story so entertaining and I loved knowing what the different characters were thinking! The plot twists and the detective work and secrets were amazing and always kept me on my toes and wondering what could happen next! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries/thrillers!

** I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

My Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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