Book Review: A Study in Charlotte

A Study in Charlotte – Brittany Cavallaro

~ Quick Synopsis ~

Charlotte Holmes is the descendant of Sherlock Holmes. Jamie Watson is the descendant of Dr. Watson. They don’t know it each other. Charlotte has been living a life of fame due to her own mystery solving and carrying on of the Sherlock name. Jamie is just a “normal” boy who likes to read and write stories. Jamie gets sent away from England to America to attend a boarding school in which he received a rugby scholarship. Of course, this is the same boarding school Charlotte Holmes is attending. Shortly after Jamie arrives – a student is murdered on campus! Jamie and Charlotte have connections to the student and are now suspects of the murder. They have to work together to solve the mystery before they are sent to jail for something they didn’t do. They work to solve the mystery and of course there are twists and turns along the way.

~ My Thoughts ~

I LOVED this book! First – it is based on Sherlock Holmes. Second – the mystery was interesting, yet easy to follow. Third – Jamie is super relatable and I really enjoyed his character.

I found overall that the story was easy to follow and well written. At times I found it difficult to get into (mostly the beginning) but that could have been because I was busy and lacked time to read often. However, once I sat down and was able to read without any distractions I could not put it down. I finished the book within 2 days.

Jamie’s character was perfect to me. He was just a normal boy who liked to play sports and liked cute girls. He spent his time reading Sherlock stories and writing. He knew of his family history but his mother was not supportive of it so he mostly dismissed it. Jamie felt like this kind of uncertainty… I’m not sure how to fully explain it, but he just didn’t feel ‘complete.’ Once at the boarding school he met Charlotte. He gave off this shy feeling when it came to her. He wanted to be her friend and felt they almost had to be friends because of their family’s history. He didn’t want her to not like him and seemed to feel a lot of pressure. Sure enough, they meet and have to work together under some pretty negative circumstances.

Charlotte was interesting to me. She was this strong independent person who was very smart and had a hard personality. She didn’t like working with Jamie at first because she couldn’t trust anyone other than herself (and she also didn’t think Jamie was smart enough to help her). She often referenced her training saying that she was taught not to share too much with others or to rely on anyone. Obviously this changes throughout the story. Charlotte really surprised me and I loved learning more about her. Her relationship with Jamie really evolves and I totally ship them!!

Jamie’s character felt “real.” He worried and was scared when the usual person would be. He became emotionally invested in people quickly and gave them the benefit of the doubt. He was angry, sad, lost… everything about him felt organic and made it easy as the reader to like him.

 A few random things that I thought while I read the book:

**Love how the mysteries Jamie and Charlotte experience are based on Sherlock Holmes stories.

**You always know what Jamie’s thinking – like a play by play of his mind

**Jamie becomes so much better at solving mysteries. His thought processes were shared and it was easy to read. I loved that because I never felt left out or like I had to figure out any clues on my own.

**Charlotte and Jamie have a really interesting relationship. I loved/hated it in the beginning. Towards the end I was totally on board with them though. Was very happy with the ending.

**I had NO IDEA who was going to be the “bad guy”… I was shocked. Either I didn’t pick up on something or it just wasn’t shared. I enjoyed putting the pieces together  

**Overall, this book was great. I really really enjoyed it. I couldn’t put it down and will be reading the rest of the series, no questions asked!

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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